Ted & Velma Foshee
on their 40th Wedding Anniversary

The first 36,000+ names in the Foshee genealogy were collected by Mrs Velma Foshee.  Velma died in 1998.  Before Velma died, Royce Culpepper had been in contact with her as he keyed the data into his computer.  Velma gave Royce permission to put this data on the internet several months before she died.  

After Velma died, Royce contacted her daughter and was informed that Velma's genealogical work was about to be discarded.  Royce contacted a friend who lived near Ted and Velma and asked him to go to their house and pack up the paperwork and send it to him.  He received nine large boxes of material.  Two of them were Velma's Lowman research.  Royce is slowly going through these papers.  

Since putting the database on the internet, Royce has received 12,000+ additional names for a total of 48,000+ names. Updates, corrections, and additions are received every week. 



All information is believed to be correct, but we make no claims as to the accuracy or completeness of this information. 

Please contact Royce Culpepper if you have:

  • specific questions about the genealogical data,
  • information you would like to add to this database, or
  • difficulties with this website.

Thanks and enjoy!

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